What is your payment policy?2020-03-23T14:44:47-05:00

All of our customers are Net 30. If payment is not received within 30 days of the invoice date, customers will receive a late notice. For any customers with balances that are 45 days removed from the invoice date, a hold will be placed on their account and another late notice will be sent. For any customers with balances that are over 60 days removed from the invoice date, they will incur late fees of 5% and be notified of the newly revised invoice.

What forms of payment do you accept?2019-05-14T19:33:54-05:00

We accept all major credit cards, checks, electronic payments and cash (for customer pickup orders).

What is your return policy?2019-05-14T19:32:25-05:00

All requests to return product should be faxed to customer service at 763-420-7892. No
returns will be accepted without returned goods authorization (RGA) and only those products and quantities
approved should be returned to the warehouse.

All products returned with expiration dating must meet product shelf life guidelines of at least 6 months. All
returned products must be in original container and free of any labels or other markings.
Products returned within 30 days will not be assessed a restocking fee.

Products returned after 30 days will be
assessed a 25% restocking fee. Products not stocked in the DMR warehouse are not returnable for credit unless
shipped in error. Products over 60 days are not returnable.

What is your shipping policy?2020-05-08T10:31:31-05:00

We offer free shipping on orders exceeding $500. However, free shipping does not apply to disinfectants and other liquid solutions. For all orders under $500, shipping charges will be applied. We ship to all 48 continental states as well as Washington D.C.


Orders shipped to a residence will incur a home delivery free regardless. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico or orders shipped to other countries are subject to a special order & may incur extra international charges.

What brands do you carry?2019-05-14T19:45:35-05:00

We have access to nearly every brand/manufacturer you could need. However, these are our top 50.

What do you do?2019-05-14T19:17:36-05:00

DMR Supplies is a medical supplies solution company. We…

  1. Send supplies to your business
  2. Research & suggest products for you
  3. Make kits for educational training & programs
  4. Plus more!


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