Our Story

David began his professional career working in operations for a Minneapolis based investment bank. After a few years, he grew intrigued by the idea of starting his own company. In the spring of 1992—just before he and Mary celebrated their first wedding anniversary—David took a chance and founded a medical supply company with one of his childhood friends.

In the late ’90s, David & Mary’s family was growing with the births of their two sons, and the company was trying to keep pace. The time came for them to seriously consider going all-in on their start-up and attempt to fully employ themselves. In 2000, Mary decided to take a leap of faith, leaving her career in commercial real estate, and joining David to officially launch DMR Supplies.

With two children in preschool, Mary and David worked hard to keep overhead costs low and their prices competitive for their customers. They turned a spare bedroom in the basement into an office and sublet a small warehouse space to store their products.  As their customer base and product offerings grew, so did their knowledge of the medical supply industry.

In 2012, DMR Supplies consolidated business operations to a 2,500-square-foot office/warehouse facility and established a relationship with a national healthcare supply chain company. This partnership greatly expanded our product lines and allowed us the opportunity to offer contract pricing to our customers that had previously been reserved for hospitals and health systems.

As DMR looks forward to starting its 23rd year in business, we reflect on the customer and vendor relationships that have been in place since the beginning.  We are grateful to all of you for helping us make our dreams a reality!

— And those two preschool children – became our first two full-time employees.

Mitchell and DJ began with the company early on helping their parents with kit making and deliveries. Eventually they moved past being “little helpers” and began working for DMR part-time in high school and college learning company operations.

Following graduation, both DJ & Mitchell joined as full-time employees and began implementing strategic changes to help the company grow and develop. With 2nd generation Rekstads now on board, we are excited for what the future holds.

Our Team

David Rekstad
David RekstadChairman
After establishing the major building blocks of DMR Supplies, David now focuses on strategic development. However, David still enjoys getting out to customer offices and does delivery routes on occasion.
Mary Rekstad
Mary RekstadPresident & CEO
Mary became President in 2000. Previously, she worked in the commercial real estate industry as a partner at Braman, Braman & Rekstad. Mary focuses on customer relations, sales and new business opportunities.
DJ Rekstad
DJ RekstadChief Financial Officer
A University of Minnesota graduate, DJ has been working for the company since 2011, but began fulltime in the fall of 2017. He has worn many hats for the company, but he took over as CFO in 2021. He specializes in any and everything to make sure the company runs smoothly.
Mitchell Rekstad
Mitchell Rekstad Chief Operating Officer
A University of Minnesota graduate, Mitchell has been working for the company since 2013. He began fulltime in January of 2020, and he specializes in sales, marketing and business expansion. He is the head of the Dental Division and day-to-day operations.
Mitch Dickerson
Mitch DickersonOperations Manager
A 2019 Iowa State graduate, Mitch D has been a family friend since grade school when he and Mitchell first started playing organized sports together. He began fulltime in the winter of 2021, and he specializes in shipping, receiving, operations, and delivering your supplies in person with a smile.
Samantha Meyer
Samantha MeyerEducation Manager
A University of Minnesota graduate, Samantha joined us fulltime in the summer of 2021. Our first non-nuclear family member, Samantha is Mary & David’s niece. She leads our education department.

Our Vision

We strive to offer the best in price, customer service, and value to all of our customers.