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Top 10 items to save you money

  • Exam Gloves

  • Infection Control

  • Sterilization

  • Wound Care

  • Hand Care

  • Masks

  • Needles & Syringes

  • Apparel

  • Dental

  • Surgical

We have partnered with NuEdge Alliance to offer our customers contract pricing on the products they use. Signing up for NuEdge is simple & always free. 95% of our customers are NuEdge members, and we have never had a customer complain or drop out of the Alliance. Want more information? Check out their website and learn about the benefits they’ll give your practice.

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Common Sense Business

No matter if your practice has 2 employees or 200 employees, we work to give everyone the access to affordable medical products.  Our business model combines the purchasing power of our customers so that everyone can take part in the savings. 

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